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  USSE desktop Edition
  USB Security Storage Expert (USSE) Server Edition  
  USSE Server Edition is a computer information
security monitoring system with USB
  USB Security Storage Expert (USSE)Desktop Edition  
  USSE Desktop Edition is a USB port monitoring software developed for small businesses or institutional organizations.  
  FDC is a security software installs in a USB stick or removable hard disk to prevent leakage of confidential data.  


USSE2012 Desktop Feature Matrix
Features Standard Professional
Standard USB storage device permissions  
Non-standard USB storage device permissions  
Authorized device permissions  
USB storage device transparent encryption/decryption  
Encrypted USB storage device permissions  
File backup  
Log Audit    
USB plugging logs
File coppying logs
CD/DVD Writer Control    
USB CD/DVD writer control
USB CD/DVD writer registration  
Internal CD/DVD writer control
Peripheral Control    
Some peripheral control  
Disable new peripheral installation  
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